Client Reviews


"I am very thankful I found Meghan to work with me in my eating disorder recovery process. She approaches all of our sessions with honesty, empathy, and openness and has helped me set and achieve goals throughout every stage of my recovery. She uses a holistic approach with her clients and has helped me develop skills to use not only in my recovery but in my personal and professional life as well. I would absolutely say I have an overall better quality of life from working with her and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for encouragement and support."   

-Susan F

"I would describe Meghan as compassionate, honest, and down to earth. I always felt like I could tell her anything without judgment and she would be my ally. She helped me find my own voice instead of just telling me what to do. I can't say enough about the benefits of working with her." 

- Carrie S

"I've seen several therapists before but somehow Meghan seemed different. She wasn't trying to do everything by the book or make my therapy process fit into a pre-deteremined box. She met me where I was at and she seemed like a real person. I felt like she really saw me and wasn't afraid to show that she cared." 

- Alex B